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Thesis Editor with extensive experience in writing and editing a professional thesis, research study, scholarly paper, or submitting a paper for publication. I have the expertise to transform your work into scholarly writing excellence. My experience as a graduate educator has created an opportunity for me to turn research into practice & understand students motivation & academic needs.

  • Served on Thesis committees while working at the Graduate Writing Institute for Excellence (GWIE) and Promoting Excellence in Graduate Studies (PEGS).
  • Taught thesis independent classes & research writing courses of study, action research.
  • Supervised, edited & supported students on thesis writing & research papers practice.
  • Mentored & supported graduate students in applying established theoretical, curricular principles & pedagogical research.
  • Taught graduate students curriculum design, theories and methodologies used in teaching English to speakers of other languages.


THESIS DR. aims to provide undergraduate and graduate students with writing services to improve the quality of their writing. Writing a term paper, research study, thesis, or any type of scholarly writing is scaffold through a blog. Students work collaboratively through intellectual discourse with other scholars to ensure research writing excellence.


Thesis Advisor, Editor, and Committee Member

California State University Dominguez hills

Thesis Editor/Committee Member for thesis students - edits and supports graduate student thesis writing - teaches graduate-students how to write a thesis in details. Worked with graduate students on developing quantitative and qualitative research through developing a research question, searching peer reviewed research articles, writing a literate review, methodologies, findings, discussion, conclusions, recommendations and implications for the purpose of research and practice and reviewing, revising, polishing scholarly work.

June 2011 - Present

Action research Editor

California State University Dominguez hills

Assisted the Department Chair (Curriculum and Instruction) with administrative and committee work including supervising graduate students while designing, implementing, and evaluating curricula in various fields of experiences. Evaluated the MA Masters Exam; Curriculum and Instruction - under the supervision of the Department Chair Developed graduate students understanding of the relationship of the action research paradigm and the concept of the teacher as a curriculum leader and effective instructor.

  • Directed graduate students to administer, interpret, and analyze the investigative findings orally as well as in writing in a selected area of curriculum.
  • Edited and mentored graduate students’ writing to present and/or publish a professional development project that communicates to parents and the greater community of the endeavors undertaken by the teacher to improve the academic performance of all students in the classroom.
  • Encouraged graduate students to engage in personal and analytical reflection to examine best teaching practices that testify to transformative teacher leadership.
  • Assisted foreign students in writing their thesis projects using their native tongue to discuss specifics they do not comprehend in English Language, and guided their writing progress all through their masters classes.

February 2010

Adjunct Faculty

California State University Dominguez hills

Taught courses in the MA in Education and mentored graduate students in writing thesis, research projects, and to assume the responsibilities of leadership to implement research in classrooms, and various work fields. Advised and mentored graduate students and supervised their progress while conducting research in their classrooms. Supervised students writing action research, thesis, and thesis projects.

  • Taught graduate students to demonstrate values, beliefs, and principles of transformative leadership including a marked improvement from prevailing practices using critical reasoning skills and independent inquiry.
  • Encouraged graduate students to develop their skills as researchers and academic writers.
  • Facilitated preparation for graduate students writing a master's thesis, while functioning to support students and their faculty advisers, developing research and writing skills that would be applicable across disciplines, and also discussing discipline specific issues.
  • Developed and structured the content of the writing workshops for graduate students
  • Assisted in developing the PEGS program under the supervision of the Director and PI of the grant.
  • Used assessment results to improve faculty and program performance by analyzing data from graduate students assessments.
  • Reviewed technology needs, oversaw the piloting of the first summer workshops and student training sessions, and evaluated outcomes for all launched activities.
  • Collaborated in teaching and program implementation and evaluation
  • Hired tutors for improving graduate students writing and critical thinking skills
  • Collaborated in writing the Annual Progress Report for the PEGS.
    January 2012
  • Wrote PEGS Employee & Student Leader Handbook in Summer.

July 2006


Rossier School of Education ( University of Southern California )

Doctor of Education, Learning and Instruction.
Dissertation: The Relationship between Interest and Attainment Values and Perceptions of Teachers’ Preparation for Gifted Instruction

California State University Dominguez Hills

Master of Arts, Curriculum and Instruction.

Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration and Foreign Trade.


New Jersey Elementary Teaching Credential
School Leadership Licensure
California Multiple Subject Clear Teaching Credential

Scholarships & Published Book

Published Book

PEGS Employee & Student Leader Handbook

Papers Presented

Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Action Research Writing Experiences and Research Apprenticeship In Graduate Education.
  • Turning Research into Practice: Teachers’ Reflections on their Action Research Studies, Leadership Roles, and Practices.
  • The Implications of High-Stakes Tests on English Language Learners.
  • Three Papers:
    • Effect of Parental Involvement in Homework on Student Achievement
    • What Implications do High-Stakes Tests have on English Language Learners?
    • Concept Maps: A Tool to Teaching, Learning, and Evaluation
  • Two Papers:
    • How to Reduce the Load on Working Memory and Help Children Learn
    • The Influence of Factors on Mental Effort Investment and the Relationship with Training

California Educational Research Association (CERA), California
  • The Effect of Critical Thinking and Reflective Writing on Teachers' Action Research Projects.
  • The Effect of High Stakes Testing English Language Learners and their Achievement in Public Schools.
  • High Stakes Testing: Implications Regarding English Language Learners and their Achievement in Public Schools.
  • Concept Maps: How to Use them Efficiently in the Classroom.
  • Effect of Parental Aspirations, Expectations, and Involvement on Children’s Achievement.
  • Effect of Parental Involvement in Reading and Mathematics Homework on Students’ Achievement.
  • The Relationship between Interest and Attainment Values and perceptions of Teachers’ Preparation for Gifted Instruction.
  • Issues in Professional Development and Teacher Practices in Teaching the Gifted.
  • Teachers’ Collegiality and Efficacy.
  • Improving Literacy for All: Addressing Gender Perceptions among K-12 Students about Literacy at School and Home.
  • Enhancing Student Self-Efficacy to Overcome Task Difficulty by Using Worked Examples and Mastery Modeling.

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